Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man!!

I LOVE SPIDER-MAN. I always have and I always will. Wanna fight about it?

I remember when the first Spectacular Spider-Man came out, well I don’t actually remember it because it was in the 1970s…but I remember buying the reprinted volumes!

If you’re not reading The Amazing Spider-Man like I’m not then you have no idea what’s going on with this guy. Apparently he’s the same old Peter we love yet he has slightly more powers. I don’t know what those are because I didn’t read the Amazing Spider-Man, but I did read “The Other” several years ago and the powers he got from his rebirth were amazing, but he lost them and now he’s got new ones. IDK. KEEP UP! So now he has even more “great responsibility” at least that’s what he told The Human Torch, his best friend, on the roof of some random building in NYC before he hugged HT and told him he loved him. Then they planned to go to the movies at 7:30 that night. Fucking beautiful.

johnny storm
Forbidden love

So Pete’s really having a bear of a time being a legit superhero and saving the world and he just wants to get back to his roots of stopping petty thieves on the streets of New York City. He doesn’t have to look far for a street robbery and immediately jumps in to save a lady from being robbed. Unfortunately his handy web cartridges crap out on him and he almost gets shot in the face but luckily he is saved by the incredible shrinking Ant-Man.

Not being able to save her life doesn’t bother the lady it seems because she still hands Spider-Man her card and asks him on a date while Ant-Man, who actually saved her, just looks on being very short. Because he has helmet problems. You need to know that for later. Oh and the lady’s name is Rebecca London. WOW. COOL.

ANYWAYS… Ant-Man invites Peter to come with him to “The Mason” so they can get their gear fixed together. Man Date.

ant man
Do you see how they look at each other?

Peter has never heard of “The Mason” which apparently is very weird because all the superheroes know about him. Rude.

He’s the Tinkerer’s brother, so maybe that’s why no one told Peter? Because The tinkerer is one of Spider-Man’s enemies? I can’t think of one reason why else EVERYONE knows about this guy except Spider-Man.

Oh totally forgot to mention that Peter picked up an unbreakable cell phone at the scene of the earlier robbery, so he shows it to the Mason’s attendant so he can help him find a hacker. The information they find out about another hacked cell phone leads Peter to Chicago, and to call the lady he saved earlier. Apparently calling a girl 8 hours after she gives you her number is a bad idea according to these editors. They said you should wait at least a day and to text not call… as a girl, I do not agree. If I gave you my number you better use it and quick. The window of interest shuts fast.

Spider-Man finds the house of the Stark hacker and ya know, threatens to arrest whoever is inside immediately. Not very stealth but when you have a Spider-sense I guess you don’t need to be stealthy. After Spidey makes his threat he is immediately blown up and confronted by Ironheart, the apparent hacker.

It’s 7:39 and Peter is in Chicago, a long ways away from his date with the Human Torch. Poor Torchy is waiting for his pal outside of Pete’s apartment, but instead of finding Peter he finds his sister. No, not Johnny Storm’s sister, Peter’s sister. YUP.


OOOOKKKKAAAYY that was pretty good. Lots of big shot characters making appearances in his first Spectacular issue, but wait it’s not over yet! There is a bonus story at the end.

I like these short stories, they’re always so deep. In this case it’s not deep though, it’s more like a teaser after the end of one of the Marvel movies of what’s to come. And what’s to come gives me MASSIVE amounts of anxiety.  LIKE MASSIVE. I don’t know if you get it, but I have real feelings about this. So here’s what happens, Black Widow fights Spider-Man and uses a device to follow his every move and spidey-sense, once she gathers all the info she needs on his spider-sense she hands it over, somewhat unwillingly, to a sleezy SHIELD agent. NOW ALL THE SHIELD AGENTS WILL HAVE SPIDEY SENSE. NOT COOL. After that I imagine she goes home to take a long hot shower to wash off the shame.