Episode 58 – Will you be my Daddy, baby?


The Relatable Nerds are back on their bullshit.

Join hosts Ilsa and Kyra in their discussions on Last of Us hype, upcoming Phase 5 Marvel shows and movies, and their ideas for the Blade movie…just re-release the original Blade Trilogy…

The nerds are stunned when they heard that Adam Driver is rumored to play Mr. Fantastic in the upcoming Fantastic 4 movie. What’s next? IS BERNIE SANDERS PRESIDENT?

Silly nerds, Bernie Sanders will always be our president.

The self-proclaimed Porg Champs also recap the latest episodes of The Bad Batch, 1-3! 

Join us next week as we continue our Bad Batch Talk and recap the first episode of The Last of Us!!!!

Joel, Will you be my daddy, baby?

Episode 57 – 2022 In Review (Our Favorite Moments)


We’re fashionably late to 2023 per usual.

Who even counts the first week of the new year? The correct answer (if you’re us and live in a cold seasonal climate) is no one.

From Ezra Miller’s antics to the release of Dr. Strange, to the Don’t Worry Darling drama and Harry Styles’ acting skills, and our favorite shows of the year – Obi Wan Kenobi and Moon Knight – we had many highs and many lows. Underneath it all, we just continued to distract ourselves from the outside world by hyper focusing on our nerd news.

Thank you so much for your continued support throughout the past years. Its been a wild ride and 2022 truly showed us that we have such an amazing audience, that expands all around the world, that is hard to fathom sometimes. 

Here’s to 2023. It’s time for the Relatable world takeover. You guys in?!

Episode 56 – Rebel Hearts


We can’t believe this is the final episode (for now) of us discussing Andor. How did the past 12 weeks fly by so quickly? It feels like we’ve been waiting for Andor for literal years and just like that….its over. 

But worry not. Andor will be returning for a second season sometime in 2024 we predict! Apparently this will lead directly into Rogue One as well, so it will be absolutely intense and we’re not even remotely close to being ready to say goodbye to our Cassian.

We also review the Guardians Christmas special! Please give a warm welcome to Kevin Bacon (as himself) to the MCU. He killed it. This is a must watch, especially this holiday season. 

There’s A LOT of trailers out this week as well. We review our favs and have some special nerd news updates.


Thanks for tuning in! 

Episode 55 – I Want Candy


Sorry for our brief hiatus – it was Halloween week and we were celebrating our favorite holiday of the year. Some people do birthday months (we also partake) – we do Halloween all year round, but the month of October is the busiest of our lives….and the week Halloween hits – forget it! 

We have the ultimate Star Wars nerd news roundup this week, with a final cast announcement for the upcoming show, “The Acolyte,” which takes place 200 years before The Phantom Menace and during the fall of the High Republic. If this means nothing to you yet – we got you covered and explain what could potentially go down in this incredible series!

This week’s Andor episode was suspenseful and heartbreaking. What a privilege it is to finally watch women lead the rebellion in such vast and different ways. The levels to this show are so powerful and we could honestly go on and on about how inspiring it is to see women of color fight the fight we have all been fighting our entire lives. Kudos to you Star Wars – consider us even more in debt to you.

Sleeping With The Devil


On This Week’s Episode of Relatable Nerds, 

Ilsa and Kyra get to discuss three different nerd shows! 

The penultimate episode of She-Hulk took both of our nerds on an exciting journey, finally getting to see the hottie that has been teased since before the show even premiered!

After that, it’s off to Aldhani to hang out with our old pal, Cassian AKA Clem! He’s still chilling with Chef Richie from The Bear. COUSINNNNNN!!!!!!

Meanwhile, our favorite Senator Mon Motha is experiencing some friction with her family. 

As always, we love to our episode with some HOT D! 

House of the Dragon that is, and this episode was full of twists and turns, but the biggest twist of the episode was the semi-happy ending for Rhaenyra, Daemon, Laenor and Qarl???

Unfortunately we did have some recording issues this episode, but luckily it happened toward the end of the recording session, and we are saved by some quick recapping to finish out the House of The Dragon recap!

Thanks for waiting for this episode and can’t wait to bring you next weeks! 



Episode 53 – Spooky Season Has Arrived


This week we have three different shows to break down and we waste no time getting into in depth breakdowns of She Hulk, House of the Dragon and *please welcome to the podcast* ANDOR!!!!

While we really do enjoy discussing the insane amount of mutants and tidbits they’re bringing into She-Hulk and all of the gossip going down in Westeros, we have been patiently awaiting the arrival of one of our favorite Star Wars characters, Cassian Andor. Our Latino king, Diego Luna, has reprised his role, alongside an extremely talented cast, with a BORICUA in the mix as well (that means Puerto Rican for all you uncultured folk) 

There was a pretty massive time jump in House of the Dragon, with a serious change of actors and quite a few deaths in this past episode. It’s getting gritty

We may have skipped nerd news this week, but wow – we got you covered in catching up with all of the nerd content if you haven’t had the chance to watch all 4 episodes of Andor, 6 episodes of House of the Dragon and 7 episodes of She-Hulk. We weren’t lying when we were saying its overwhelming…..


Episode 52 – Till Death Do Us Part


While the nerd news may be light this week, our weekly recaps of the television series we’ve been following have not.

The much anticipated wedding of Rhaenyra and Laenor took place in this week’s episode of House of the Dragon and if we’ve learned anything from Game of Thrones, it’s that – weddings never end well. There’s always drama, someone is always acting way too sinister than they should be and you honestly don’t know which character you should be paying attention to the most. We dive right into an extensive *spoiler* analysis of what went down in Westeros this past week.

We’re only a few episodes out from the finale of She-Hulk and praying for a name change (spoiler alert: its not going to happen) Jennifer Walters honestly deserves a name that she sees fit. I mean, even Shrek’s wife got her own name: Fiona. She wasn’t just called, “She-Shrek.” How rude.

Next week we’ll be full send with our deep dive into what will probably be one of our favorite shows of all time – Andor. Diego Luna is back baby. Latinos al frent! Vámos! 

Episode 51 – Dragons, Darlings and Diego Luna


Pour yourself a tall glass of wine, perhaps a full mason jar of water or just have a bottle of whiskey ready because it’s going to be a news packed episode, with some jaw dropping headlines and the arrival of many Marvel confirmed rumors/upcoming storylines of our favorite villains and superheroes.

If you’ve been listening to Relatable for the past almost two years now however, you probably already know a lot of these now confirmed rumors were already predicted by yours truly a long time ago. #dunbeenknowin

So, you’re welcome and hello to everyone at Disney studios. We know you’re keeping tabs on us, especially now because of how much you’re incorporating Wong in She-Hulk and creating a character who was directly inspired by us (Madison). 

We’re about to enter Star Wars season, as the arrival of Andor is in just a week and Tales of the Jedi soon after that. Early 2023, we’re getting season 3 of our favorite daddy (Mando…duh) and Ahsoka! *heavy breathing* Our bodies are ready to hibernate and marathon the prequels in preparation. 

House of the Dragon continues to be the most epic show on television. We deep dive into all of the drama that’s going down, and how hot Daemon looks with that new haircut. Can the grand maester get this guy a potion though? He can’t seem to finish things, if you know what we mean..


*Bonus Episode* – An Interview with Kayden Phoenix


This past month, Kyra got to sit down with legendary creator, creative, artist, director, producer (and the list goes on because she is literally a superhero) – Kayden Phoenix! 

Kayden is the creator of the first Latina superhero team in comic book history, “A La Brava,” which showcases a team of fierce women, who all tell a story of fighting against female injustices. 

Kayden is also the founder of Chicana Directors Initiative, a non profit for Latina directors in the film industry, which aims to immerse members into sustainable careers in the entertainment industry with fair representation and equal pay.

We told you she’s a superhero and we’re not wrong

Kayden is a third generation Chicana from East L.A., who puts her direct childhood influences of her mother and grandmother into her art. Whether it’s the native dance of folkrico or the influence of Jalisco in her life, you can see the love she has for her native roots in every aspect of her life.

We are huge fans of everything Kayden does and are so grateful we got to chat with her about her art!