Episode 64 – Din Grogu, Orphan No More


The ReLadies are back and ready to finally breakdown everything that happened at Star Wars Celebration and more. It’s a Star Wars heavy episode, as we breakdown the season three finale of The Mandalorian, and what we expect to come with our favorite daddy and gremlin combo. Bo-Katan stole the show this season and we really can’t wait to see more. Will she get a spin off series? We think it may be in the cards..

Another week, another superhero getting cancelled. It seems both Marvel and DC can not get it together. We’re starting to think James Gunn had the right idea but firing everyone who previously had a role in the DC verse. It’ll probably be a lot easier to not have to hire Superman, kill off Superman, rehire Superman, just to fire him. We’re just as confused as you are. 

Anyways, who will play Reed Richards in the upcoming Fantastic Four? We think we have the final answer for you….


Author: Comic Book Bitch

Comedian and comic book enthusiast.

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