Episode 63 – The Way, This Is


This week’s episode is dedicated to Grogu and Grogu only (please see title and read it in your best Yoda voice, you know the one where he says everything out of order, but sounds so full of wisdom)

We’re more than halfway through season three of The Mandalorian and this past week, we were probably the most emotional we’ve been since seeing Cad Bane in The Book of Boba Fett (can someone please pull his old ass out of the bafta tank already?!?) 

We got an intimate look into Grogu’s escape from Coruscant during Order 66, including the fallen jedi that were killed defending him and the jedi who saved him – none other than Master Kelleran aka Ahmad Best, who played our favorite Gungan in the prequels – Jar Jar Binks.

Order 66 is never fun, yet there seems to be a dim light at the end of the tunnel and that is that more jedi may be alive and in hiding than we realize.

Bo Katan is apart of Djin’s crew now and we feel the tension over what ultimately must happen: where the hell is the dark saber?

We also find out Moth Gideon is still alive? Easily predictable yet we’re still about it.

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