Episode 62 – Taungsdays, Am I Right?


This past week we closed the chapter on The Last of Us, with the final 9th episode and season one finale…and not a dry eye was seen for miles on end.

Where have the past nine weeks gone?!? They were easily both the fastest and slowest weeks of our lives (ew, winter), yet we somehow found a way to make it to Sunday each week, just to get our Joel and Ellie content on. That 50 minutes on Sunday nights got us through an entire work week…and a cold winter in the midwest.

We break down the season finale of The Last of Us, compare scenes from the game vs. this final episode, and elaborate on what we think is to come for Seasons Two (and three hopefully!!)

We’re still pretty early on in season three of The Mandalorian and it seems like this week they made a visit to the Andor writing room. Is there a Bo-Katan and Djin budding romance going on or are we imagining things? Either way, we’re not complaining.



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