Episode 58 – Will you be my Daddy, baby?


The Relatable Nerds are back on their bullshit.

Join hosts Ilsa and Kyra in their discussions on Last of Us hype, upcoming Phase 5 Marvel shows and movies, and their ideas for the Blade movie…just re-release the original Blade Trilogy…

The nerds are stunned when they heard that Adam Driver is rumored to play Mr. Fantastic in the upcoming Fantastic 4 movie. What’s next? IS BERNIE SANDERS PRESIDENT?

Silly nerds, Bernie Sanders will always be our president.

The self-proclaimed Porg Champs also recap the latest episodes of The Bad Batch, 1-3! 

Join us next week as we continue our Bad Batch Talk and recap the first episode of The Last of Us!!!!

Joel, Will you be my daddy, baby?


Author: Comic Book Bitch

Comedian and comic book enthusiast.

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