Episode 55 – I Want Candy


Sorry for our brief hiatus – it was Halloween week and we were celebrating our favorite holiday of the year. Some people do birthday months (we also partake) – we do Halloween all year round, but the month of October is the busiest of our lives….and the week Halloween hits – forget it! 

We have the ultimate Star Wars nerd news roundup this week, with a final cast announcement for the upcoming show, “The Acolyte,” which takes place 200 years before The Phantom Menace and during the fall of the High Republic. If this means nothing to you yet – we got you covered and explain what could potentially go down in this incredible series!

This week’s Andor episode was suspenseful and heartbreaking. What a privilege it is to finally watch women lead the rebellion in such vast and different ways. The levels to this show are so powerful and we could honestly go on and on about how inspiring it is to see women of color fight the fight we have all been fighting our entire lives. Kudos to you Star Wars – consider us even more in debt to you.

Author: Comic Book Bitch

Comedian and comic book enthusiast.

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