Sleeping With The Devil

On This Week’s Episode of Relatable Nerds, 

Ilsa and Kyra get to discuss three different nerd shows! 

The penultimate episode of She-Hulk took both of our nerds on an exciting journey, finally getting to see the hottie that has been teased since before the show even premiered!

After that, it’s off to Aldhani to hang out with our old pal, Cassian AKA Clem! He’s still chilling with Chef Richie from The Bear. COUSINNNNNN!!!!!!

Meanwhile, our favorite Senator Mon Motha is experiencing some friction with her family. 

As always, we love to our episode with some HOT D! 

House of the Dragon that is, and this episode was full of twists and turns, but the biggest twist of the episode was the semi-happy ending for Rhaenyra, Daemon, Laenor and Qarl???

Unfortunately we did have some recording issues this episode, but luckily it happened toward the end of the recording session, and we are saved by some quick recapping to finish out the House of The Dragon recap!

Thanks for waiting for this episode and can’t wait to bring you next weeks! 



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