Episode 53 – Spooky Season Has Arrived


This week we have three different shows to break down and we waste no time getting into in depth breakdowns of She Hulk, House of the Dragon and *please welcome to the podcast* ANDOR!!!!

While we really do enjoy discussing the insane amount of mutants and tidbits they’re bringing into She-Hulk and all of the gossip going down in Westeros, we have been patiently awaiting the arrival of one of our favorite Star Wars characters, Cassian Andor. Our Latino king, Diego Luna, has reprised his role, alongside an extremely talented cast, with a BORICUA in the mix as well (that means Puerto Rican for all you uncultured folk) 

There was a pretty massive time jump in House of the Dragon, with a serious change of actors and quite a few deaths in this past episode. It’s getting gritty

We may have skipped nerd news this week, but wow – we got you covered in catching up with all of the nerd content if you haven’t had the chance to watch all 4 episodes of Andor, 6 episodes of House of the Dragon and 7 episodes of She-Hulk. We weren’t lying when we were saying its overwhelming…..


Author: Comic Book Bitch

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