Episode 51 – Dragons, Darlings and Diego Luna


Pour yourself a tall glass of wine, perhaps a full mason jar of water or just have a bottle of whiskey ready because it’s going to be a news packed episode, with some jaw dropping headlines and the arrival of many Marvel confirmed rumors/upcoming storylines of our favorite villains and superheroes.

If you’ve been listening to Relatable for the past almost two years now however, you probably already know a lot of these now confirmed rumors were already predicted by yours truly a long time ago. #dunbeenknowin

So, you’re welcome and hello to everyone at Disney studios. We know you’re keeping tabs on us, especially now because of how much you’re incorporating Wong in She-Hulk and creating a character who was directly inspired by us (Madison). 

We’re about to enter Star Wars season, as the arrival of Andor is in just a week and Tales of the Jedi soon after that. Early 2023, we’re getting season 3 of our favorite daddy (Mando…duh) and Ahsoka! *heavy breathing* Our bodies are ready to hibernate and marathon the prequels in preparation. 

House of the Dragon continues to be the most epic show on television. We deep dive into all of the drama that’s going down, and how hot Daemon looks with that new haircut. Can the grand maester get this guy a potion though? He can’t seem to finish things, if you know what we mean..


Author: Comic Book Bitch

Comedian and comic book enthusiast.

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