EPISODE 40 – Tom Cruise’s Hit List


February was a blur and we’re already 10 days into March. 

Hibernation season is almost over and its time to take off the blankets and layers, and get the hell out of bed (just kidding…we’ll always make time for DC tv shows)

We made it to Episode 40! 40 is a great number, the age of peak life and attractiveness and apparently the episode we get to THANK YOU x a million for helping us reach 1000+ subscribers on our Youtube channel this past week! We love you. Thanks for hanging out with us week after week and listening to our shenanigans. 

SO MUCH NERD NEWS. We were finally blessed with the Obi Wan trailer and it was absolutely breathtaking. We will never be over it.  Our much anticipated DC movies have been pushed back until 2023 (The Flash, Aquaman, Black Adam), Dune Part 2 casting news (Hello Yelena), and there’s a panic in central park, I mean Kraven the Hunter, because our fav, Heroin Charlie from the tv show Girls has entered the nerd world. We are ready.


Author: Comic Book Bitch

Comedian and comic book enthusiast.

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