Episode 39 – You’ve Got Chain Mail!


A list of the reasons why we watch the Super Bowl: 

1) the trailers

the end. Oh, and Joe Burrow. Duh. And the unlimited amount of alcohol one can consume without being judged.  

But seriously you guys, we were not ready for all of the incredible trailers released! Dr. Strange In the Multiverse of Madness (holy shit), Jurassic Park (holy shittt), Moon Knight (oh my lanta) and many more. We recap them all for you. 

Arguably one of the best Star Wars episodes ever came out this past few weeks featuring our very own Luke Skywalker and THE BABY, our sweet little green goblin, Grogu. Not to mention our favorite cowboy, Cad MF Bane! The Book of Boba Fett finished strong and set the tone for the upcoming Star Wars shows we are counting down the days to. 

Also if you really wanna taste it – we end our episode with a recap of our favorite show, Peacemaker. James Gunn is truly a legend. Wig Wam is getting a whole lot of royalties right about now.

Author: Comic Book Bitch

Comedian and comic book enthusiast.

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