Episode 31 – Dune, DC and Daddies


Y’all I think we just had the most epic weekend of our lives – DC Fandome happened all while we were having our FIRST EVER live show and appearance at Wizard World comic con! We had an absolute at the con and recap everything that went down, along with some of our favorite cosplayers we got to meet. Carnage was one of them (perfect timing, considering we haven’t been able to shut up about the latest Venom movie)! 

The time has finally arrived. Dune is out tonight in theaters all across America and we can’t believe we’re finally going to see the movie we’ve been waiting for our entire lives. Go see Dune. 

The news just kept coming in hot this week, as we got word of a certain One Direction member appearing in Eternals. Big spoiler alert. Can you guess who it is? Hint: He adores you.

We dive right into a serious recap of everything that went down at the DC Fandome. The new Batman trailer, Aquaman, The Flash and Black Adam absolutely blew our minds. Dare we say 2022 is the year of DC comics…? I guess we’ll have to die another die to find out. 

Author: Comic Book Bitch

Comedian and comic book enthusiast.

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