Eternals Trailer Breakdown and Analysis!!

Marvel finally released their official trailer for Eternals, the movie that was supposed to come out a year ago, but I guess some shit went down and they pushed it back?

Not really sure what made them decide to push the movie back?


Could it have been that disease that killed hundreds of thousands of people? We may never know.

Let’s break this trailer down shall we?

So we begin with a beautiful shot of the ocean and we get our first peak of the immortal Eternals coming out of this weird ass flat space ship.

Selma Hayek monologues over the trailer as Ajax, the leader of the Eternals, if you read the comic you know that Ajax was originally a dude, but obviously Selma Hayek has more range and talent than any dude in the universe. She lets us know that the Eternals came to Earth to help humanity grow and progress but they have never interfere, UNTIL NOW. BUM BUM BUUUHHHH. While she monologues we get glimpses of their different powers which are pretty cool. And Angelina Jolie looks fuckinnngggg siiiccckkk.

From the little blips of the Eternals we see and a little digging into the plot, Phastos will be an openly gay character, and he’s black so he’s a Twofer, Kumail Nanjiani’s Kingo will be a famous Bollywood star (kind of a dick move idk why), Sprite will be comic relief, Makkari (also a gender-swapped character) can read really, really fast, Druig will be played by a douche-bag looking guy- Barry Keoghan- with a bad haircut (he will probably be an ass hole and fuck things up for the Eternals cause he hates humans or something) Thena and Gilgamesh live together because they were both banished by the other Eternals for helping too directly in humans lives.

Ikaris is seen throughout the trailer paired with Sersei, and they seem to have a great love, but upon more digging it seems that Sersei will actually fall for Jon Snow, The Black Knight, Dane Whitman – a descendent of an Arthurian knight with a magical sword. I MEAN, WHO WOULDN’T? You go Sersei play them boys.

I’m so excited for this movie to come out and to watch it in an actual movie theater.


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