Some bull-shit

hi friends!

i am really loving the comic books I have recapped recently by Vertigo, Image, and Aftershock. I know I’m that Marvel betch but I really love these new darker comics I have discovered. You probably have been reading stuff like this for years, but for me, I have always been blinded by loyalty. And my loyalty is to Marvel for realz. Only because Marvel is indeed my first love. But i hope you guys are enjoying my journey into discovering new comic books that aren’t as mainstream as Marvel. I think as comic book readers since were all so fucking uppity anyway we should  be reading everything we can get our hands on. I just wanted to check in and say I haven’t forgotten about Marvel, and this might be a phase but I’m starting to think it is something more. I hope you like these insane abnormal recaps I have been doing all along and I love you all. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Author: Comic Book Bitch

Comedian and comic book enthusiast.

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