Misfit City #1

I strayed from Marvel again! Opting for Boom! Box. Which I’ve never heard of before.

I’m basic. We know this.

There must be something in my water because I am really straying this week. But don’t worry, I’ll be back with Marvel vengeance next week… That would be a good series title.

I decided on this comic book at the spur of the moment. I love the word “misfit” for some reason, and the cover was an all-female cast in a map. So, I was pretty sure it was going to be at least cute.

And I’m not wrong.

On the cover the girls and their dog are on an old school map where X marks the spot. The characters are all very different looking, and as I read the story they have completely different personalities as well as looks/styles.

Two of the girls work at the coffee hut together and their other friend works at the museum.

They’re from a small town called Cannon Cove. Not much happens in Cannon Cove, in fact the greatest thing to ever happen to their town was a cult-classic movie called “The Gloomies.” Sound familiar? I should mention that the girls hate Cannon Cove and they especially hate “The Gloomies” movie because of all the tourists it has brought.

This book is great because it’s basically an adaption of what the writers think would go on in a town the “Goonies” was filmed in, years later. I like that they’re using an all-girl cast because I am a hardcore feminist I decided.

These girls are all very sassy. Wilder is the brains, Dot is the muscle ( I say this because earlier she was fishing but not on a boat, INSIDE of the lake in one of those rain boot jumpsuits), Macy is the trouble-maker cause she wears Ramones tees and Karma is the bubbly, annoying one.

Misfit City CR: BOOM! Studios
Example: Karma being annoying.

After we are introduced to the girls, we are introduced to the villains. The book doesn’t come right out and say, “and here are the villains” but the woman looks like Cruella De Ville and the guy looks like a thousand year old vampire, and not the sparkly kind. The villains’ rich uncle has died and they are hearing about what they have received from the will. They received a house and a boat, but the one thing they actually wanted was a chest. The chest was donated to the museum Macy works at and where the girls hold their weekly poker game. Luckily these girls are very bad at poker, or at least very unlucky because they lost several times in a row to their dog, Pippin. Losing to a dog at poker forces them to find out what is in that chest, because that is of course more interesting than a poker-playing dog. As we know, all dogs are amazing at poker.

dogs playing poker
It’s literally all they ever do.

The chest is sort of interesting, but when they close it after they all get bored that’s when the real fun happens. A map pops out of a secret compartment and this map leads to a damn treasure.

Wilder wants to follow the map, but Macy is a wet-blanket despite her “cool-girl” style of dreads and a nose ring. Like, I assumed this girl would be the first to follow a map to some money. But alas, all of Wilder’s friends say no and leave the poker party.

The End!

Just kidding.

What a horrible comic book that would be! Although I’d say there is some lesson of life in there somewhere.

Luckily the story continues. Macy arrives at home and hands some lyrics to a song she’s working on to her bandmate. A short time later her mother gets a phone call that the museum’s alarm is going off. So in this town for this particular museum they clearly don’t believe in hiring a security guard for the museum at night so they have the next best thing and send in a teen-age girl to handle the possible burglary. Might I also add that the mother doesn’t find this strange at all and forces her daughter to go saying “Roger is paying you to do this.”

Okay who is this Roger and why is he being so shady right now?

Anyways, Macy arrives back at the museum to turn off the alarm. After she turns the alarm off she is immediately whacked over the head.

Later, she is being hauled off into an ambulance on a stretcher, but seems fine otherwise. Her, what I can only assume is her brother/bandmate possible love interest? I don’t know they haven’t made it clear yet and Wilder meet her at the ambulance, wondering if she’s okay. It turns out she is okay and also saved the day by writing her song lyrics on the map! Apparently getting hit over the head with a blunt object makes you believe following an old treasure map is a great idea because from there they decide to do it!


Wow this story was really cute. I can’t wait to see what is at the end of this treasure map. AND IT BETTER NOT BE A FREAKING LET DOWN. I WANT TO SEE CASH. DIAMONDS. PEARLS. WHATEVER ELSE RICH PEOPLE BE HIDIN IN TREASURE CHESTS. I would also feel the story would have a great ending if it led to the burial site of hundreds of murdered bodies from the same serial killer. BECAUSE THEN they have the perfect sequel.

Tata for now.

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